Long-Term Care Planning Month

October is Long-Term Care Planning Month! Meadow Valley is proud to join the rest of the community in acknowledging this month as an opportunity to promote the importance of planning for the future.

The Importance of Planning

Whether it is for our loved ones or ourselves, the core focus of Long-Term Care Planning Month is to recognize the need to plan ahead in order to successfully navigate the future together. As we age, unforeseen medical challenges, expenses and care needs can emerge. Recognizing potential long-term care options and associated costs is crucial but can also be daunting.

In the United States, an estimated 8.3 million people require long-term care. Planning for long-term care often involves considering various options, including retirement communities. However, for many of us, senior living is a topic we rarely think about until it directly impacts our lives or those of our loved ones. Regardless of where you stand in the planning process, particularly if you are experiencing this with a loved one, understanding their needs, gaining financial insights and exploring available options are essential.

Exploring Your Options & Planning Ahead

Exploring your options or helping a loved one understand theirs can be a meaningful way to begin thinking about long-term care.

Advocacy for your loved ones goes hand in hand with early needs assessment and developing a customized long-term care plan that suits your family’s unique requirements.  If you are helping a loved one plan, advocating for them and grasping their needs can be a valuable way to prepare for potential changes in their circumstances. Communication is key. The best thing caregivers can do is to anticipate and support their aging loved ones through regular check-ins should their needs evolve.

A long-term care plan doesn’t come together overnight – it’s a process, and most times, it’s collaborative. Sometimes the solution is to provide the needed support to age in place. Other times, retirement communities are the most suitable choice.

Care Options

According to A Place for Mom, 7 out of 10 people will require senior assisted living at some point. Nationwide, retirement communities are becoming an increasingly sought-after option for those who need long-term care. Senior assisted living services offer personalized care, providing the necessary support and assistance for older adults.

Based on the level of need, independent living could be ideal if your loved one is seeking the benefits of a community and a maintenance-free lifestyle, but doesn’t need daily assistance.

Meadow Valley takes a unique approach by providing comprehensive wellness encompassing physical, social, emotional, and financial aspects to support your loved one and assist your family in the long-term care planning process. We offer individualized care across assisted living, independent living, and memory care, allowing our residents to remain in a supportive community should their needs evolve.

To learn more about our community structure and how we can support long-term care plans, feel free to reach out to us here.


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