Managing Stress with Summer Activity

Stressors in the Later Parts of Life

Entering the elderly stages of life comes with new varieties of change. Some may deal with the loss of loved ones, health conditions, loneliness and other changes. Change could also bring on feelings of stress because of its disruptions to routines and needs. The National Council on Aging (NCOA) discusses the dynamic between aging and the stress that this period of life can bring.

During this period of life, it becomes important to manage stressors in a healthy way. For everyone, this can look different. One factor that adds complexity to life stress and our ability to manage it, especially as we age, is seasonal weather changes.

Embracing Routines in Senior Living

The summer heat can make it harder to indulge in our favorite routines, from daily walks to spending time with loved ones. Our senior living communities are here to help you adjust to these changes and continue to enjoy every day. We understand the importance of maintaining routines and their direct impact on overall wellness.

If there are added limitations to residents’ activities due to weather, we are prepared to provide comfortable and enjoyable alternatives. Our activities directors are aware of how changes in the seasons may affect stress. We always plan a diverse calendar of indoor activities for residents, providing the same level of stress reduction and mental stimulation as their usual routines that might be affected by high temperatures.

Having different coping strategies is one way that you can stay on top of managing stress during this period in your life. Here are some ideas for finding new stress-reducing habits outside of community activities.

  • Visit with peers to share advice and new interests.
  • Take proper precautions when going outside, like staying hydrated, monitoring medication effects and spending time in the shade outside.
  • Try new television programs, books, and games to occupy your time.

When possible, our communities are prepared to help you stick to your routine. In a recent interview with Channel 2 (WDTN), Sara Ward, The Ashford of Beavercreek Executive Director, spotlighted the Wallick Senior Living team’s dedication to helping residents beat the summer heat while allowing them to enjoy their favorite activities.

“In a heat wave like this, we’re going to make sure that if a resident wants to sit outside or wants to go on a walk, that we’re checking on them more frequently. We are making sure that they have water for their walk,” she said.

Keeping an Open Mind

Moments of change can be difficult to manage when your self-care is at stake, but it is important to know that stress during this period in your life is still normal. It will be helpful to continue being gracious with yourself and to try new things.

One of the beautiful things about being a part of a senior living community is that some of the burden of managing change is taken off residents. Our associates are here to uplift our community members and encourage them to reduce stress in the areas where we can.

Learn more about the activities we have planned and reach out to us with any questions by contacting us here.

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